Record Your PS3

Take a look at the below video that I recorded with the Roxio card.

* Remember that youtube lowers the quality to any uploaded video. But set the youtube settings to 720p and you will see it as best as it gets for youtube.

Comparison of The Most Popular Cards

View the chart below to get a summary of each card, but scroll down the page to see more details on the individual cards.


Dazzle Plus Roxio Game Capture Roxio Game HD Pro
Video Editing Software check check check
Export Direct To Youtube check check check
HD Recording xbox check check
Pass Thru Device x check check
Play In HD While You Record x check check
Add Voice Overs & Text Overs x check check
Voice Over While Live Streaming x x check
Slow Motion & Fast Forward Effects x x check
Video Connections RCA & S-video HD Component Cables HDMI & HD Component
Audio Connections Stereo Stereo Stereo & HDMI
Highest Recording Resolution 480 (NON-HD) 720p HD 1080 60i/1080 30p HD

dazzle roxio roxio


Video Recorded With My Roxio Game Capture (Not the Game HD Pro)

The two videos above were recorded with two different Roxio Cards. To learn more about Roxio, Or to check current pricing, visit their site here => Roxio Site.

TIP: Remember to set the youtube settings above to 720p so that you can view the videos in HD.

If you want to record your playstation games, edit your videos, and then post them to the internet (YouTube, etc), then you will need a Capture Card. Below are the three most popular choices:

You have seen the comparison chart, and the videos above, now let me breifly talk about each one to further help you see which card is best for you and your budget.

Which Capture Card Should You Get?

Which one should you get? It depends… I’ll break each one down for you:

Dazzle Capture Card

Dazzle Capture CardThe Dazzle is cool and the least expensive out of the three, but it does NOT record in HD. It only has rca type connections (red, white, & yellow) and an S-video connection. None of those will give you 720p HD quality. You will only get a maximum of 480 SD (Standard Definition) from the Dazzle card. You will also need to buy rca signal splitters and rca cables so that you can split the signal allowing you to play on your TV while you record the gameplay to your computer. My opinion is that the dazzle recordings are blurry and hard to read any text on the screen. However, many videos that I see online are low quality 480p vids, so if this is no concern for you (or you are on a tight budget) then you should get the Dazzle card.

Roxio Capture Card

Roxio Card - My Favorite ChoiceThe Roxio card is my favorite card and the one we keep plugged in at home. It records in 720p HD quality (as you can see by the videos that I have posted to this site [make sure you set the youtube settings to 720p]). YouTube lowers the quality a bit, but I have a tip that I will share later in the article. The price is mid range between the Dazzle and Hauppauge. The Roxio card is a Pass-thru card and therefore you can simultaneously play & record in HD. The Roxio card comes with its own editing software which is basically like a multi track recorder. You can add voiceovers, text overs, combine and crop videos, etc. This card is my favorite as it is medium priced but yet delivers true HD quality videos, and I love the recording/editing software. Learn more here: Roxio Game Capture

Roxio Game HD Pro!

Game HD Pro CardPrior to this card coming out, my favorite was the Roxio Game Capture (above), and if you are on a budget it is still a great card. However, I really love this card. The video quality is superb; The card uses component cables and HDMI; Live Streaming; And the software has major improvements and the ability to do voice-overs as it streams live to a website/channel. Another great feature is the slow motion and fast motion effect. This card has it all. One important thing you need to know about HDMI capture cards… Sony PS3 can ONLY support Component out for capture. HDMI video out is protected. That is not an issue with the capture cards, that protection is built directly into the HDMI port of the PS3. However, you can connect the PS3 to the card using HD Component cables, and then connect the card to the TV using component or HDMI cables. You can not tell the difference between videos recorded using 1080 HDMI cables or 720p component cables. Both are HD. And for the few people who must have super abilities and say they can see a difference, most PS3 games are only 720p anyway. I love this card – Check it out here => Roxio Game HD Pro.

Roxio Ease of use:

I used the first Roxio Game Capture card and did the Youtube video below about 5 minutes after I opened the box. It was just that easy to setup. If you plan to record xbox or PS3, or even wii, Then it’s pretty much your best bet as far as price and quality. When watching the video, remember to set the youtube settings to 720p so that you can watch the gameplay in HD.

FYI: The below video is recorded with the Roxio Card.

How To Record Your Games

Recording your gamesOK so let me explain how to record videos using the Roxio Game Capture… Ready? Just launch the included software, press record, and when you’re finished press ‘stop’, edit the video, then upload directly to YouTube. That’s it.. lol. Simple right? Yep.

I initially went with the Roxio product because I had already been using Roxios DVD Creator and I think it’s a solid product, therefore I assume they make solid products. And I was not let down at all. The Roxio card is a great card and easy to use. It comes with it’s own game capture software which is pretty straight forward. It allows you to:

  • set hot keys for record and stop
  • edit and splice your videos
  • create snapshots from your videos
  • add text, voiceovers and even webcam commentary to your videos
  • merge multiple videos together
  • export your videos straight to youTube


The Roxio Game Capture package comes with the capture card, video editing software, and connection cables. Just connect the box, install the software, and you’re ready to go.

record-xbox-ps3-and-wiiIt literally only took me 3 minutes to set this up and start recording my game. It came with all of the cables except for the PS3 component cable. Most people already have this cable, but I was using hdmi for my normal play, so I just ended up taking the component cable from my old PS2 console. Yes the PS3 can use the PS2 component cable, Thankfully. : )

Take the PS3 component cable and connect it to the ‘Component Video In’ on the capture card. Then use the supplied component cables to connect the capture card to your TV. Then connect your laptop to the capture card with the supplied USB cable.

If that all sounds confusing, well take a look at the diagram below – maybe that will clear it up a bit. PS3, Capture Card, TV, and Laptop. : )

ready to record your games

Well that’s it… If you want to record any game that you play on any console, and create high quality videos then you know my recomendation… Either one of the Roxio cards…